Thursday, June 17, 2010


Since it's holidays right now, I should post something right? =P

Saw this as KaiNee's status today: わたしは、あなたがいなくて寂しいです
Pronounced as watashiwa, anata ga inakute sabishii desu.
It means I miss you.

Really nice. And i found this:
There is no direct way to say "I miss you" in Japanese. Japanese people are not very direct and open about their emotions, as a result they have to express "I miss you" in a more round about way.

First, you need to know how you want to address the person:
  • あなた (anata): very informal; used by both men & women to people they are very familiar with.
  • 君 (kimi): same as anata, however it is more masculine; usually used by men
  • (name)ーさん (-san): formal; when attached to the end of a name it means Mr./Mrs.
  • (name)ーちゃん (-chan): informal; when attached to the end of a name it changes it into a "nickname"
Here are two ways to express "I miss you"
  • XXX に会いたい(です)。
XXX ni ai tai (desu).
literally: I want to see XXX.
*desu can be omitted in informal situations
*It is similar to the way 보고싶어 (bogoshipeo) means "I miss you" when it literally means I want to see you.
  • XXX がいなくて(私は)寂しい(です)。
XXX ga inakute, (watashi wa) sabishii (desu).
literally: When XXX (are/is) not here, (I) am lonely.
*desu can also be omitted
*watashi wa is often omitted because it is implied

original answer:

i miss you - Anata ga inakute sabishii yo :)


Japanese exam coming up! Jiayou Jiayou! ^^

*   *   *

Amy has so many many things to say~~
Both bitter and sweet.

Sweetz - A touching moment
Went out with Qing last friday. We had a suddenly plan of watching The Prince of Persia.
Since it was sudden, i was totally unprepared, didnt bring jacket.
When it was cold in there, he always made sure that I wasnt feeling chilly.
I liked that feeling. =P But only later I found out,
that when he was keeping me warm, he was actually freezing himself!
Totally touched!

Bitterz - When it's painful
 Tonnes of things poured upon me lately

I told YeeHliang i've sunken into a situation he was in through fb. And it sucks!
What for i spend so much time on you? Take care of you and always strive my best for you?
Why did I fight so hard for you? I loved you a hundred times better than now.
Now you just keep hurting and hurting me.
Shouldnt have stood up. So what? Very yeng is it?
Now you make me feel like i should have stayed among the dumb sheeps.
Then all I have to do is follow.
Why cant I stop loving you still?

Has anyone ever known that the idea of ending my life once passed my mind?
God, I've sinned.
It's rather recent. Everything's COMING.
I was so stressed that i wanted to just let go of everything.
I'm a faker, or maybe a psycho - those with multiple characters.
Being some many different me under different circumstances.

I'm sorry, I'm dumb, I'm a failure.
Do you realize how many times i apologize in a day?
I dont either. Sometimes I just dont know what else to say other than I'm sorry.
Because I really feel sorry. Sometimes for you, but most for myself.
I'm so pathetic! It's heartbreaking to see myself like this.
If I were you, I'll be so sick and tired of hearing me apologize.
I dont know is another famous one.
I dont know is it because of you.
You see this? Grr.. Sorry. Here I go again. I just cant stop!
Very mao dun right? Maybe cause of my emo mood now.

Now I'm suddenly thinking that things are done behind my back
Actually they are right? Fine.

*   *   *

Yea, so this post will end EMO-ly. whatever.

To the ppl that really cares for me out there. I'm sorry. =/

Can somebody please tell me: WHY ME? =(

Voice: btw, ppl are admired for their courage to speak the truth. but do use your brain.


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